What are your needs? What are your values?  You may already know that you need a bigger home with more bedrooms, a new kitchen, home office or better flow.  How those goals are achieved involves some introspection.  How do you want to interact with your family, neighbors and community?  What gives you energy, calm and purpose?  Are your truths reflected in your new home?  What’s your True North? We can help you marry your needs and values into an ethos for your new home before pen hits paper and hammer hits nail.

Let us help you start the process in a meaningful and productive way.  Often overlooked, a few hours spent on planning may save you thousands of dollars.  We would like to get to know you and discuss your specific needs and project parameters.  Whether you are considering a remodel, new home or purchasing property to build your dream home, we will assist you in prioritizing your needs, vision and budget prior to beginning the design work.


Whether you already have building plans or need assistance with design, True North can help.  We work closely with our team of architects and designers to produce the necessary drawings for your project.  If you already have a designer or architect, we can help you understand how much the different elements of your project are going to cost before you get your City approvals and create comprehensive plans.

If you should decide to use our design services, our team will work with you to develop your ethos into a set of plans.  This phase is often the most dynamic and gratifying as we economically move through many ideas before spending the time and money to develop full plan sets.  Once we have design approvals for your project, we will produce a complete permittable set of drawings and submit to your local building department to obtain the necessary permits for your project.

No matter how thoughtful the design, we still believe in building as an evolution.  Sometimes clients need to stand in the rough spaces to feel them.   It might also be the case that we find clever ways to value engineer your project once construction begins.  The advantage of using a design build firm is that the designer and builder are working together; communication is efficient, changes are timely and misunderstandings are minimized.  In the end, it is our goal to deliver the home that meets your needs and vision.



True North has been building in Marin and San Francisco for over 23 years.  Our experience spans small remodeling to new home construction and development.  We are residential specialists with comprehensive experience in sustainable design and green building practices.  We can help you with any aspect of your residential needs from the ground up.  Let our dedicated staff and partners build for you.